Everton: The School of Science

Everton: The School of Science

In his highly acclaimed history of one of the country’s most distinguished teams, James Corbett traces the fortunes of Everton Football Club — from their humble origins as a church team to the David Moyes era.

From Fred Geary to Alex Young and Dixie Dean through to such modern icons as Mikel Arteta and Tim Cahill, Everton: The School of Science takes in the stories of all the men who made the club great.

Fully revised and updated to include all the action to the closing stages of the 2009/10 season, Everton: The School of Science is the definitive history of one of English football’s aristocrats; an engrossing and graphic account of the inside stories, glories and shattered dreams of ‘The People’s Club’.

Written with the enthusiasm and stoicism of a committed fan, the wit of a fanzine and the authority of a historian, it is the ultimate guide to the team’s story.

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