Arsenal: 20 Defining Matches (Guardian Shorts Book 43)

Arsenal: 20 Defining Matches (Guardian Shorts Book 43)

On 27 May 1989, the Guardian described one extraordinary moment at Anfield the night before. “In the 92nd minute Lukic threw the ball to Dixon to set in train a series of events during which time almost stood still. Dixon’s pass found Smith, who deftly controlled the ball before slipping it through to Thomas… Seldom has such collective disbelief been written on 41,000 faces.”

That night, forever famous, is just one part of Arsenal’s extraordinary history – a team of South London factory workers which grew into a North London powerhouse led by Britain’s most famous Frenchman. It was a journey led by extraordinary characters – Chapman, Bastin, Adams – and remarkable moments: epic victories, crushing setbacks, and real off-field soap opera.

Based on original reports from the Guardian and Observer archives from the last 130 years, this unique collection revisits 20 of the club’s defining matches in the words of contemporary writers, from the 1930 Zeppelin Cup final to Wenger’s Invincibles and beyond. This is the Arsenal story.

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