Arsenal FC Wallet and Sock Set in Gift Tin…

Arsenal FC Wallet and Sock Set in Gift Tin...

  • Wallet has slots for ID-notes and cards..It’s PU Leather and Embroidered Crest
  • Socks are 72% Cotton and 28% Nylon Official Merchandise with Crest and you get 3 pairs!
  • Aluminium Tin can then be used for storing your keys, coins, glasses, nick nacks
  • The perfect gift for any football Fan

EXCLUSIVE to US! Fantastic Gift Set of Official Leather Embroidered Wallet and 3 Pairs Adult 7-11 Socks …Supplied in a Lovely Aluminium Tin which is ideal for storing your key’s-coins-glasses and more. The # 1 Gift for the Supporter

Discount Price: £20.39
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