Football Dementia – A Growing Problem

football photoThe term Football Dementia can be used to describe the mental illness that takes hold of some of the more famous football players in the world. There is a condition that develops when the brains of these very famous players are damaged and as such they find it difficult to recall recent events and tasks. This is often referred to as a football dementia. Dementia can take many forms, and it is not just a case of memory lapses either. As a result the normal functions of the brain are photo

The first stage of football dementia is where the memory becomes poorer with time. This starts with simple forgetfulness such as forgetting names or where you have put your luggage. As the condition develops and becomes more severe, these players are unable to remember their surroundings or fail to recognise people that they normally interact with on a daily basis. They might find it difficult to recognise certain faces and this is a common issue for players such as Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United and John Terry of photo

However, there are also some signs that can be spotted early on. When a player with dementia appears to have a condition similar to Alzheimer’s Disease he or she should be monitored by a medical professional. A doctor should monitor the players’ health closely and any changes should be noted. Footballers are in danger of suffering from this disease because of the amount of practice that they get each day. This is why players such as Brian Marwood of England and Frank Lampard of New York City, now manage to play football at a very high level.

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