Football Rules Explained In A Simple Way

Football Rules Explained In A Simple WaySo you have played football for a while, and you know all the rules, now how do you play? First off the most basic rule is that you don’t kick or touch the ball with your foot. That usually includes using your head, but it doesn’t always, so it isn’t called a penalty kick any more. Also, you are not allowed to kick from side field, this is called “foul” and is a very common rule. Also, you are only allowed to use one leg at a time, meaning you can’t kick both feet together like in tennis.Football Rules Explained

If you take a free kick it is called “foul”, also if the defenders to pick up the ball from you or the referee calls a foul against you, it is a foul too. There are seven players on each team, four field players and two goalkeepers. Field players are the ones that take the kicks, and goalkeepers are there to stop the ball from hitting the ground. There are no benches, just a line to keep the game alive.Football Rules

Football rules are not hard and fast, but they do tend to get complicated at times, especially when talking about the foul and fouls. Football is a very fast-paced sport and the referees and other players are always on the look out for any signs that the game is not being played correctly or that there may be a foul or two. If you ever want to play the sport of football, you will want to learn all the rules, the attendant rules and the fouls.

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