Leicester City 2016 – Jamie Vardy and Foxes Miscellany Bundle Pack

Leicester City 2016 - Jamie Vardy and Foxes Miscellany Bundle Pack

Leicester City 2016 – Jamie Vardy and Foxes Miscellany Bundle Pack. Description:- Leicester City FC Miscellany: Everything you ever needed to know about The Foxes The Leicester City FC Miscellany is packed full of fascinating facts, figures, trivia, stats, stories and anecdotes all relating to the long and colourful history of Leicester City Football Club. From the most memorable matches and the men who helped shaped the club’s history; to the more gruesome games and the unsung heroes, this book tells the tales that have seen the football club become the force it is today. The ultimate guide to footballing trivia, the Leicester City FC Miscellany is a book no self-respecting Foxes fan should be without. Jamie Vardy: The Boy from Nowhere: The true story of the genius behind Leicester’s amazing season A few years ago, it would have been a brave man who bet on Jamie Vardy becoming one of the most feared strikers in football. Too small to play, too slight to mix it, earning so little that he was being forced out of the game he loved, the odds could not have been longer.In 2007, Vardy was playing non-League football at Stocksbridge Park Steels, earning £30 per game and supplementing it with a factory job so dire that his back almost gave out. Having been released by Sheffield Wednesday as a teenager, the indignity was compounded as Vardy was forced to wear an electronic tag after an assault outside a pub. He would frequently have to ask to be substituted and run home to avoid breaking his curfew. A lesser man would have been broken. Eight years later, after a meteoric rise through the football ranks, Jamie Vardy squared his shoulders against all the naysayers and set the Premier League on fire. By the time Christmas of 2015 rolled around, he had scored in 11 consecutive games for Leicester City, breaking Manchester United s Ruud van Nistelrooy’s twelve year old record in the process.

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