Soccer: Claudio Ranieri´s Game Model (This Is How Leicester City Plays, The Champion Of Premier League)

Soccer: Claudio Ranieri´s Game Model  (This Is How Leicester City Plays, The Champion Of Premier League)


What will you find in this book?

  • In this book you will see in depth the Claudio Ranieri´s model of game which was implemented last year at Leicester City.
  • You will know how they defend and their attack strategy.
  • You will also understand that magisterial way they have for creating the plays in the midfield, either midfielder´s creation or projection explosive end.
  • Ranieri, as a good Italian, is a master of defense. Here you will learn what the secret of a strong and impenetrable defense is.
  • I will also explain in detail the art of Leicester City backlash-counterattack style. Many of the goals of the foxes came through by counter-attacking, which has always been one of the main weapons of Ranieri to find the goals.
  • Finally, you will know the science applied to sports which contributed to the success of the monarchs of the Premier League. Ranieri is a very methodical coach and will not miss any detail. Now you will enter the mind of the experienced Italian coach.

About the author:

I am a professional linked to several university degrees, lecturer and researcher. I am passionate about sports, football specially. I also love self-help and improvement books. I am a husband and father of two children.
As a football fan I marveled at what Leicester City did this season. The success of this modest club was not the product of fortuity. Ranieri finally got a group of players who understood his philosophy. They developed a very attractive and methodical football which I set out to study in depth and then write this book.
I wanted to make a guide dedicated to coaches, to achieve the same results of Leicester City: Raise up the championship in their local tournaments. I counseled with several couches and specialists who helped me translate into a technical but very simple language the game strategy of the Premier League champion.
What Leicester City did this season is something that is hardly seen in the history of sports and I believe that the style of game Ranieri deserves this tribute.
Welcome to this exciting experience and I thank you for allowing me to share it with you.
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