How to Kick a Soccer Ball – Important Things You Need to Know

How to Kick a Soccer Ball - Important Things You Need to KnowLearn how to kick a soccer ball. If there is one thing that can electrify an audience during a major sporting event or competition, it is none other than a goal scored by a soccer player. Kicks are an integral part of the game as they serve to propel a ball from one corner to the other corner of the field. The power or force behind a kick is determined by a number of factors such as the speed and direction of the kick, the angle or spin of the kick itself and the body of the kicker themselves. This article will highlight some of the more common ways in which you can teach yourself how to kick a soccer ball.How to Kick a Soccer Ball - Things You Need to Know

The most basic technique for kicking a soccer ball is to use your heel or “plant foot”. Planting your foot solidly on the floor ahead of where you intend to kick the ball is the most basic technique and is what nearly all players will do. Kicking a ball using this technique is known as “planting” and it can be a useful skill to learn, however it is not the most accurate or effective. The best and most accurate kicks are executed using “lift and try” kicks where you lift your leg slightly, plant your foot firmly on the ground then let the momentum carry the ball forward. This is perhaps the most accurate of all kicks, however it is not something that is taught very often and therefore is not taught to beginners.How to Kick a Soccer Ball

Another important technique to learn is the step-over. A step over is when you lift your leg over your opposite knee and make sure both feet are firmly planted on the ground before kicking the ball. To execute this kick, it is important to stand with one leg in front of the other so you can have more control over the direction of the kick. Also make sure that you do not leave your heels or toes hanging over the back of your thighs and that your hips are far enough apart so you can create a good balance. A great way to improve this technique is by doing calf raises, which help to strengthen muscles that help support your legs.