The King’s Last Stand – The Final March with Kenny’s Army

The King's Last Stand - The Final March with Kenny's Army

‘The King’s Last Stand’ charts The Reds’ first full season back under the management of the legendary Kenny Dalglish. Written largely contemporaneously and collecting Dave Usher’s infamous football round ups and insightful match reports, this account follows the ups and downs of The King’s return to the club that defined him and displays all the wit and perceptive analysis that categorises Dave’s work.

From the optimism of pre-season, through the ever-dimishing hopes of an increasingly disappointing campaign to the final decision by FSG to dispense with Dalglish’s services, this book covers every Red-related moment of the 2011/2012 season, including a particularly thought-provoking – as well as coruscating – chapter on the Suarez/Evra debacle. “The King’s Last Stand” is the definitive account of the Return of the King to his spiritual home and as such will be appreciated by both Reds and other football fans alike.

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