The Story of Spurs:The Heroes of Tottenham Hotspur (Soccer Clubs Book 2)

The Story of Spurs:The Heroes of Tottenham Hotspur (Soccer Clubs Book 2)

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

They did what they dared to. And they have the silverware to prove it. Ever since Tottenham Hotspur was founded in 1882, the club has proven their worth in the pitch and has become one of England’s finest. The journey was never easy. But they got there nonetheless, despite many disappointments. Yet amidst the tears of both joy and woe, the team still stands today to prove that they are up to any challenge that may come their way. And this is their story.

For all Spurs supporters and for others who are not that well acquainted with the club from White Hart Lane, this book is a must read as it traces the team’s history from the day the team was founded under a gas-lit street to their recent endeavors.

What’s Inside?

Included in this book aside from the team’s history are insider secrets about White Hart lane, Tottenham Hotspur’s Crest and Colors, their silverware, its owners, sponsors, supporters and rivals.


Part 1 – The Team We Know

Chapter 1 – Origins
Chapter 2 – Crest, Coat of Arms and Kits
Chapter 3 – From the Marshes to White Hart Lane
Chapter 4 – The Silverware
Chapter 5 – Owners, Supporters and Rivals

Part 2 – The Spurs Saga

Chapter 6 – The Early Spurs
Chapter 7 – Spurs’ Glory Years
Chapter 8 – From the 80s to the 90s
Chapter 9 – Into the New Millennium
Chapter 10 –The Spurs Today

Start Reading Now…

If you think you have seen, heard and read all about there is about Tottenham Hotspur, this book will surprise you with what you find will inside: from bits of trivia to old, old photographs as well as the story on how the club fared under different owners and managers. This is the definitive book on the story of Spurs.

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