The Timing

The Timing

Peter Benson makes a life changing discovery, at a time in his life when it should have been impossible. He uncovers a profound and unusual secret that he will only ever reveal to his own son.

As his life is transformed from a garage mechanic to a professional footballer we see how an amateur footballer quickly finds himself walking amongst people that he has idolised for years as watched them play soccer in live and televised games.

In contrast to Peter’s rise is the more orthodox one of his friend’s son; a youngster with an outstanding talent, even at the age of seventeen.

Watch how Peter, his family and friends, cope with the varying company and styles of managers, agents, scouts, and coaches whilst witnessing the different styles of Management and learn of a new and amazing free-kick routine that could seriously impact on the professional game.

Join Peter’s helter-skelter ride as he heads for his amazing destination, and ultimate dream.

This story will provide an inspiration to everyone that loves the game of football. It will inspire both the young and the older players and every person that has either watched or played the game. The tale is as much a commentary on life as it is a rousing story. It will lift the heart of every reader.

Read the story – and dream!

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