Tottenham Hotspur Quiz Book: 101 Questions About Spurs; 2016/17 Edition

Tottenham Hotspur Quiz Book: 101 Questions About Spurs; 2016/17 Edition

Are you a true Spurs fan? Do you follow every match? Have you picked up lots of little known facts about Tottenham along the way? Then the time has come to put your knowledge to the test with this fun and enjoyable Tottenham Hotspur Quiz Book.

Completely revised, updated and improved for the 2016/17 season, this book contains one hundred and one informative and entertaining trivia questions – all with multiple choice answers.

With 101 questions, some easy, some more challenging, this entertaining book will test your knowledge and memory of the club’s long and successful history. The book is packed with information and is a must-have for all loyal Spurs supporters.

You will be asked a range of wonderful questions on a wide range of topics associated with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club for you to test yourself. You will be quizzed on players, legends, managers, opponents, transfer deals, trophies, records, honours, fixtures, terrace songs and much more, guaranteeing you both an educational experience and hours of fun.

Sample questions include:- What is the stadium capacity? Who was the youngest ever goalscorer? What song do the players run out to? Who was the club’s first foreign signing?

Why you should buy this book

Educational, enjoyable and fun, The Tottenham Hotspur Quiz Book will provide the ultimate in entertainment for Spurs fans of all ages, and will test your knowledge in a fun addictive way.

This is a must-have book for every true lover of Tottenham, so download it now !

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