What Is Soccer Fitness?

soccer stadium photoSoccer Fitness is the most important aspect of all the elements involved with playing soccer. If you are not fit then you will not be able to run, kick or throw well. You also will not be able to run very fast, and your endurance will be very low. All of these aspects are necessary in order to be a great soccer player. Here are some things that soccer fitness focuses on.soccer stadium photo

There are many different soccer fitness programs out there, but there is only one key ingredient that is shared by the best. It is proper conditioning. Research has shown that outfield players can move up to 14 kilometers or even 8 miles in a 90 minute game (watch the graph below). A soccer fitness program has to be designed around building up a powerful aerobic foundation. It’s impossible to do all of this running and training in the ninety minutes that the game is played, but through the correct combination of strength training and speed and conditioning drills, you can improve your ability to run and be more efficient at it in the game.soccer stadium photo

The most common soccer fitness drills focus on improving endurance, and conditioning, both in the low and high intensity range. The exercises work all of the muscles in the body and really condition them to be functional at peak efficiency. They can also help players who may be at risk for a host of health problems, because the exercises actually improve their conditioning and their cardiovascular capacity. Players who are at higher levels of play may use strength and endurance training programs in order to maintain their edge over their less athletic peers.

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