With Heads Held High: Burnley FC’s Second Tilt At The Premier League: Volume 2 (Burnley FC – The Premier League Diaries)

With Heads Held High: Burnley FC's Second Tilt At The Premier League: Volume 2 (Burnley FC - The Premier League Diaries)

In 2013/14 under the guidance of inspirational manager Sean Dyche, Burnley FC enjoyed one of the most memorable seasons in their long history. Beaten on only five occasions in that Championship season, and finishing runners up with an impressive 93 points haul, they were promoted back to the Premier League for the second time in five years. This book is primarily a diary of that Premier League season, and the events leading up to it. Burnley FC, aka The Clarets, are the kind of team for whom the term ‘underdog’ could have been created. A small industrial town at the heart of Lancashire’s once great cotton and mining industries, it boasts a football team with a proud history and a big heart! This is a story of the power of self belief and positive thinking. Would these admirable qualities be sufficient to overcome the overwhelming odds stacked against survival, or would the Clarets succumb to the gloomy predictions of all the so called ‘experts’. It’s a tale of joy, hope, happiness, sadness, desperation, and sometimes misery. It’s a modern day battle of David, in the shape of plucky small town heroes, against Goliath in the guise of the big city clubs dripping with foreign cash. It’s one man’s personal view as he follows the unfolding story from unlikely Championship promotion contenders to runners up, and the subsequent challenge of the ‘big boys’ of the Premier League. Whilst of necessity featuring match reviews, it’s not a blow-by-blow account of every minute of every game, the national and local press are far more adept at that. Hopefully it’s a book that captures the fans emotions, from the euphoria of an unexpected victory, to the gut wrenching sickness of an unwarranted defeat. Written in a diary style it encompasses other facets of everyday life of the author, which he hopes will also amuse the not so committed football fanatic. It’s therefore also a book about the pleasures of walking, companionship, friendly rivalry, and life after work. In some small part

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